i care. a lot.

I pour all of my heart into each couple that I have the honor of documenting.You deserve to have a photographer that will give you their full attention, which is why I have been doing this full-time for five years and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I have the ability to dedicate myself entirely to provide a unique fun filled experience that will gain you a new friend in the process. Someone who you can trust to take care of all the big moments right down to the smallest of details. But also, and most importantly, having fun while doing it.

a little bit more about me

  • I have two kitties named Kodak (grey) and Kaz (white) that are featured frequently on my instagram. Kodak was named after Kodak Cameras and Kaz was named after a fictional character in one of my favorite book series called Six of Crows. 

  • The guy featured in these images is my love and best friend, Sean. We just got engaged in August of 2023!

  • I’m a huge reader. You can follow my book account here to see what I’ve read recently. I read 68 books in 2023.

  • I love video games and play them daily. Some of my favorites: Hades, Tears of the Kingdom, Celeste, Apex Legends, Starwdew Valley

  • I wear jumpsuits like they’re going out of style. More than likely, I’ll be rocking a jumpsuit at your wedding day.

  • I consider myself a mental health advocate. I picked up meditating over a year ago and try to take 10 minutes to meditate daily.

  • If you love: animals, books, coffee, plants, Target, and video games. We are already friends. If you can take sarcasm, get easily excited, and can laugh at just about anything, we are best friends.

hire her now!

“Kelsey was the first person we hired for our wedding, and I can't recommend her enough. She captures REAL love in photos in a way I never thought possible. She makes you so comfortable, I honestly forgot we were taking pictures half the time because we were having so much fun. these photos are just part of the preview, which by the way we received 12 HOURS after our wedding!! She is a calming presence and goes above and beyond your day of. Hire her now!”

Kristine + Mark