Where do I even start with this post? 

So, I have been meaning to integrate some traveling posts on my blog for the past couple of months. Due to the amount of wedding editing I have been doing, it’s taken me awhile, but I wanted to take today (which is strangely cold) to look back on the weekend I spent in Chiago with Emily and Jonathan Hanes. 

It’s not been my first time in Chicago but I jumped at the chance to visit again!

I met Emily when I was in my first year of community college and we became fast friends by exploring Kansas City and taking photographs. This was honestly the “start” of my photography career. As life happens, we drifted apart for a period of time but reconnected to take photos for her and Jonathan’s two year anniversary at Grinter Farms where they were about to make the move up to Chicago! Fast forward a year and Emily shot me a text asking if I’d be willing to fly up to Chicago and photograph them in their favorite spots because they would soon be moving back to Kansas City. I was SO thrilled at this opportunity. 

They showed me their Chicago!

I stayed in their little flat in the northern part of Chicago. A few things I learned: The buildings in Chicago are old. I’m talking, no air conditioning unit, and with their apartment being on the roof it was quite hot but never uncomfortable. I was too enchanted by the quaint vintage feel of their place. The first day they took me to some used book stores and art stores, AND one of the tallest buildings in Chicago! We had a few fancy drinks at the Signature Room at the Ninety-Fifth. The view was incredible to say the least. Then we walked down to the shores of Lake Michigan. I kept calling it an ocean. 

Day Number Two!

Of course, we had to take photographs in front of the infamous Bean in Millennium Park. We also ran into an old camera store, the Chicago Theater and had a Chicago Style hotdog at the Shake Shack. Omg, I may actually be drooling thinking about that hotdog. Then we took some photos within the train that was Emily and Jonathan’s main source of transportation when living in Chicago. When we got back to their place, they wanted to highlight their home by taking a few portraits ( can you tell I was obsessed with the cactus? cacti?) Check out all my favorites below! 

I hope to highlight more travels throughout my blog!

Last year I traveled quite a bit and this year will be no exception. But I hope seeing photographers of the places I have visited in the last year is interesting to my lurkers! I want to incorporate travel as much as I can within my work because it’s my goal to consistently travel to photograph people’s stories! 

Thank you again Emily and Jonathan for giving me this opportunity and for creating lasting memories for you! And for becoming fantastic friends in the process!