Meet Amanda and Shannon,

a couple whose love story unfolded on a Kansas City rooftop and naturally led them to choose Corrigan Station Rooftop: Skyline & Co for their special day. Their deep connection and affection for the city showcased through rooftop dates and walks with their beloved dog, Harley, set the stage for a joy-filled celebration.

My photography style focuses on capturing authentic moments, exemplified in Amanda and Shannon’s day, where every smile and candid gesture reflects their unique personalities. Now, let’s dive into practical insights for planning a rooftop wedding. If you’re loving what you see, then let’s set up a time to chat soon!

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A little bit more about Amanda and Shannon

How did you two meet? We met on Hinge, it was Amanda’s first time on this dating app, and ended up paying the premium fee just to be able to message Shannon when she encountered her profile. Shannon, whose profile indicated she lived in North Kansas City, had omitted the detail that she was actually an hour north OF the city. Despite this slight geographical oversight, our first date took place on a rooftop in the Crossroads neighborhood, near the venue where we would eventually celebrate our wedding.

What’s the proposal story? We had a double proposal! Shannon proposed to Amanda on the rooftop of the Crossroads hotel where we had our first date. Amanda proposed to Shannon soon after in an improvised picnic much like our second date

Where can we go to take photos around Corrigan Station?

I’m glad you asked. Amanda and Shannon opted to go for Liberty Memorial to get the picturesque Kansas City Skyline. But there are multiple other spots nearby that you can use! The Corrigan Station Parking lot also gives you a unique perspective of the skyline with a more urban city vibe. You also can walk on over to the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts if you want a more elegant look. But also, just walking around the Crossroads District will give you some unique and interesting backdrops too! Why not go run down the middle of the city streets?

My personal advice regarding rooftop weddings in Kansas City

Rooftop weddings in Kansas City present both challenges and opportunities, with lighting playing a crucial role. As an experienced photographer, I’ve seen the transformative impact of the golden hour just before sunset. Aligning your ceremony with this warm glow, coupled with a thoughtful balance of natural and artificial lighting, ensures captivating moments against the cityscape.

For couples considering a rooftop wedding, I encourage you to go check out the space and see where the sun will be facing during the majority of your day. If you cannot do a sunset ceremony then you don’t want the sun shining directly into your eyes when you’re stating your vows. Ideally, the sun will be “behind you”. So what that means is you want the sun to the west of where you are standing. That will mean that your guests will be in the sun, but the two of you will be able to look at each other without one of you being in direct sunlight. Your guests can handle some heat for less than 20 minutes.

I also encourage you to look at the weather too. Pick a month where it doesn’t rain al lthe time. Or a month that isn’t susceptible to windy conditions. You’ll want to pick and choose your decorations carefully so they don’t blow away

Now, let’s explore Corrigan Station Rooftop and its modern elegance.

Corrigan Station Rooftop, nestled in a historic building, effortlessly blends modern design with the charm of Kansas City’s skyline.

Skyline & Co’s insights reveal a versatile space, allowing couples to customize their celebration. The clean lines and sophisticated design create a stylish canvas, with the standout feature being the panoramic view of the Kansas City skyline.

As we explore the allure of Corrigan Station Rooftop, Amanda and Shannon’s love story serves as a testament to the unique charm this venue brings to weddings. With a backdrop of modern elegance and the captivating cityscape of Kansas City, Corrigan Station Rooftop provides a canvas for couples seeking a distinctive celebration.

Reflecting the clean lines and panoramic views, this venue is a harmonious blend of architectural finesse and cityscape allure. Amanda and Shannon’s joy-filled celebration, immortalized by Skyline & Co, stands as a vivid example of the unforgettable moments this rooftop can host.

Did you absolutely adore what you saw?

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