As I catch up on the never ending list of blog posts, I am so stoked to share this perfect autumn engagement from last year.

I met Emily in college. We had a class together but then we never had the opporutnity to talk to one another throughout the semester because our professor didn’t allow us to pick our groups. It was graduation day where we finally got to talk because our last names just so happen to be right by each other. We chatted almost all the way through graduation and exchanged numbers later that day. Now we’ve been friends for four years and counting and she asked me to be a bridesmaid AND HER PHOTOGRAPHER in her wedding. *insert tearful happy emoji* I freaking love this girl and I am so happy I get to stand by her side and gift her photos at the same time.

Now onto Camden! I met him soon after I met Emily. They had been together for quite a few years. We shared so many things in common such as video games and our love of reading. So photographing them together was SUPER fun. Also can we all note Emily’s adorable style? We always joke that we have the exact opposite styles. It makes it super fun to shop together because we know exactly what will work for the other.

Now I’ll stop bragging about my love for these two. The SHOOT ITSELF?! Autumn came to PLAY this day. It’s always nice reflecting onto to past seasons during the dreary winter seasons to remind myself that these beautiful colors do exist. Please enjoy some of my favorite images from their session.