One of the last engagements before winter really hit was with Brittany and Heath at Burr Oak Woods in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Can you believe that my engagements that I’ve been sharing have STILL been from last year? Yeah, I know. And this isn’t even ALL the sessions! But there was no way I wasn’t sharing Brittany and Heath’s gorgeous engagement session at Burr Oak Woods. It was COLD, not brisk, but actually cold. I had HotHands in my boots and in my pockets. I shared some with the two of them so their hands didn’t get too red with the cold. But, as the shoot went on, the cold became non-existent. Me, nor them seemed to have even noticed it. We were just having way too much fun. They were giggly and lovey dovey the entire time. They were up for just about anything I threw at them, even laying down in the grass and cuddling up. They made my job so easy because they just could not stop smiling at each other. It was magical. I am SO excited for their wedding in October. Check out their highlights below!