I present Brandi and Ronaldo’s captivating engagement session at Snooze AM Eatery and the crossroads district in Kansas City.

In the city of Kansas City, Missouri, the Crossroads District sets the stage for a remarkable engagement session. Its vibrant murals, parking garages overlooking the city , and bohemian charm provide a captivating backdrop.

I met up with Brandi and Ronaldo on top of one of my favorite parking garages in the city early in the morning. It offers a panoramic view of downtown Kansas City that cannot be matched. Against this urban backdrop, Brandi and Ronaldo’s love takes center stage, capturing their connection amidst the vibrant surroundings. And let me tell you, for how nervous they told me they were, they could have fooled me! We walked aorund

Afterward traversing around the Crossroads, we ventured into Snooze AM Eatery. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sizzling bacon could make any mouth water. Amidst the eclectic decor of Snooze, Brandi and Ronaldo share tender moments over hot coffee and delicious breakfast foods. It was so much fun to capture a couple inside one of my personal favorite breakfast places in the city.

There’s just something about morning light that makes me so giddy. We were able to get creative with the multiple backdrops of Kansas City’s vibrant Crossroads District and the delightful atmosphere of Snooze AM Eatery. I cannot wait for their wedding later this year in 2023.