Riley and Terra absolutely KILLED their session in the Crossroads District and Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.

I had been looking forward to getting these two in front of my camera for so long. What made this more of a blast was that my good friend Tay (hey-tay) co-shot this with me AND we will be shooting their wedding together too, which makes me even more excited for their day this coming June. We started off their session just exploring the Crossroads District, and then followed it up at Liberty Memorial for sunset. Can I just say how OBSESSED I am with both of their outfits?! Such perfection.

We had a total and complete blast. Not only was it filled with all the laughter, but these two are just so freaking adorable. It’s not too hard to make them look good.

Also, this session will be published internationally with Dancing With Her this month. I’m so excited that their 10 year old story is gonna be shared. I’ll link it here once it’s up because their story is amazing.