Allyssa and Evan’s fall wedding at La Villa was filled with extraordinary moments that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

I met Allyssa years ago at her brother’s wedding, so when she asked me to be a part of her day at one of my favorite venues (La Villa) and favorite planners (Authentically You), I could not say fast enough!

There were so many amazing moments within their day, that I thought I’d list them out.

  1. A Celebration of Individuality: For Allyssa, it was crucial to look like herself on her wedding day. Embracing her individuality and personal style, she opted for a bridal look that truly reflected who she is. I remember her saying how happy she was to look so much lie herself for her wedding day.

  2. The Distinctive Charm of Bolo Ties: Evan and his groomsmen sported bolo ties, adding a distinctive touch of style to their ensemble. The unique choice of this accessory highlighted their personality and added a touch of western charm to the occasion.

  3. First Look with Brothers and Dad: One of the most heartwarming moments of the day was Allyssa’s first look with her brothers and dad. As Allyssa turned around to face her loved ones, there was a shared moment of joy, love, and pride that filled the air.

  4. Mae made an appearance! It was so important to Allyssa and Evan to include their beloved pup Mae for a few shots. She was VERY curious about Allyssa’s flowers.

  5. Personal and Intimate Vows: Allyssa and Evan’s vows were nothing short of extraordinary. They poured their hearts out, expressing their love, admiration, and commitment to each other.

  6. Sunset Overlooking Kansas City: After the ceremony, Allyssa and Evan opted to venture to a nearby parking garage that overlooked the magnificent skyline of Kansas City. I loved the lighting in these images.

  7. Taco Truck Dinner Allyssa and Evan’s delicious choice of a taco truck by Marigolds for dinner added a touch of fun to their celebration. People could come and go as they pleased and grabbed tacos whenever, and they were some DAMN good tacos!

  8. A Wedding Party that Set the Dance Floor on Fire: Allyssa and Evan’s party was an absolute blast. From the moment the music started, the dance floor became a hub of infectious energy and pure joy.

As their photographer and friend, I am honored to have been a part of capturing the magic and preserving these cherished memories that will forever hold a place in their hearts.

Check out their amazing team:

Florist: Blooms by Breck

DJ: Fernando Productions

Deserts: McClain’s Bakery

Videographer: Her Third Eye Productions

Bar: Brookside Wine & Spirits

Rentals: Bright Star Rentals

Hair: Caitlin Karst – Helm Salon

Photobooth: The Photo Bus

Makeup: Sammie Haverfield

Coordination: Authentically You KC