I met Anna at her older brother’s wedding back in 2020, and now I’m photographing her wedding to the love her life, andrew, in july of 2022. And I’m so dang excited about it.

Anna and Andrew asked if I could come to Nashville for their engagement session. It’s where they call home and I was totally down. I decided I was just going to fly in the afternoon, shoot their session, and fly home that evening, and we had timed everything perfectly. They picked me up from the airport we immediately went to their first location the: Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. Not only is this a gorgeous space, but it’s a museum for one of the most famous rich families in the early 1920s. It was an absolutely beautiful area, and we had so much fun just exploring the museum. Next, we went to one of the most infamous pedestrian bridges in downtown Nashville that overlooks the entire city. UGH it just so much freaking fun. They then treated to me some dinner at Hattie B’s! I’m so freaking excited for their day (tomorrow!). They are just so lovely and such a blast to photograph. Enjoy some of my favorites!