Happy Pride Month!

June is Pride Month! Before I begin talking about Ray and Joe’s wedding day, I want to take the time to say that I am supportive of all LGBT+ couples. I get the biggest smile on my face whenever I get to shoot an LGBT+ wedding because of all the support and love that is surrounded by them throughout the day. It’s a contagious feeling, and believe me when I say, when they are announced as an official married couple, you will never hear louder cheers ever. Ray and Joe’s wedding was no exception!

A Nintendo Themed Wedding?! AHH!

I’m so thrilled to share these amazing images during such a great time for all LGBT+ couples everywhere. Their amazing wedding day took place at Powell Gardens in Missouri, but first let’s talk about how all of their details and decor were Nintendo Themed, along with a Triforce Cake?! For anyone who knows me, I am a huge Nintendo fan, so I was absolutely thrilled when Ray and Joe told me about their plans for their day. They also got ready together! They broke the tradition of getting ready a part and heightening the tension from seeing each other, by just spending the entire day together, and it was just magical. Even though it was rainy and chilly, that didn’t stop the huge smiles on their face. Their wedding party was just as energetic as they were, and made it way too much fun for me to photograph. As of recent, they just moved into a house together that they helped build! Congrats you two and thank you again for letting me document your day!