One of the most fun, colorful, engagement session I have ever photographed. Chelsea and Jessee wanted to incorporate their love of skating by going to one of their most beloved roller skating rinks.

Chelsea and Jessee have a love for roller derbying, so of course they had to go to their go-to roller skating rink Winwood in outer Kansas City, Missouri.

We got there pretty dang early, with the owner unlocking the doors for us so we could have the rink to ourselves. Chelsea and Jessee were also were kind enough to bring me coffee. The rink itself was just a burst of colors, with neon lights and the classic disco balls! This retro-cool backdrop was SO much fun to photograph. I could not get over how much potential the rink had. With so much expertise these two have on skates, I told them to just ride and have fun with it and it couldn’t have gone more perfect. Thank you Jessee and Chelsea for being down for whatever absurd lighting situations I put you through for me to capture some of my proudest work to date! You two are the absolute best.

Following an exhilarating skate, we went to their go to spot: Andy’s Ice-cream. We unfortunately did not get ice cream because they were closed, BUT, the surrounding neighborhood was just SO cute. We chatted about our pets, and our love of all nerdy things as we wrapped up the session.

Side note, can we also have to talk about their ADORABLE outfit choices?! They have such amazing personable style.

I cannot wait to photographer their wedding day this coming October. It’s going to be perfect.

FUN FACT: My editing program insisted the tattoo on Chelsea’s arm of Legolas was a person.