Here are some tips and ideas to make your engagement session a unique experience that encompasses your relationship.

It’s February and this is around the time that I start scheduling engagement sessions with couples. I plan on creating a guide when it comes to their engagement session that will answer ALL the questions but I wanted to create this little teaser post to give you a taste for what’s to come. 

Very early on in my business, I decided an engagement session was essential to the process with me. I’m committed to getting to know my couples on a more personal level and the engagement session is a fantastic way to do that. Think of it as a trial run for your wedding day so that come day of you are already comfortable being in front of my camera and I know how to photograph you! 

 But the engagement session can also be a way to document your relationship entirely in your own way that you wouldn’t be able to do for your wedding day! I want to preface this by saying you do not HAVE to come up with something extraordinary for your engagement session. You can keep it simple and go to a list of locations I frequent but I always encourage couples to think outside of the box! However, no matter what you decide to do, it’s going to be unique because your relationship is like no one else!


Go somewhere that is special or meaningful to you

Here’s the deal. This is your opportunity for you to be photographed somewhere that you know you won’t be able to on your wedding day. I don’t care how obscure the location is, if it’s special to you, I want to photograph you there.

Did your fiancé propose to you at, a tikibar, at a park while you were walking your dog, or at your favorite restaurant? Did you meet at a quaint coffee shop, or at an barcade? Let’s go there! 


The top photo was taken minutes after Blair proposed to Liz at Tiki Cat. Bottom left is a photo from Union Station where Zack proposed to Jenna. Bottom right photo is the exact location where Matthew proposed to Elizabeth!

The top photo was taken minutes after Blair proposed to Liz at Tiki Cat. Bottom left is a photo from Union Station where Zack proposed to Jenna. Bottom right photo is the exact location where Matthew proposed to Elizabeth!

One of my favorite places to photograph you, if you live together, is inside your own home.

Your home is where you spend the most time together, so why not photograph you where you are most comfortable? Whenever I propose this idea to couples, I get responses along the lines of: “our home isn’t lit well” or “our home isn’t pretty enough”. I call BS. If it’s your home, it’s your home and if it encompasses you, then let’s photograph you in it! I won’t be photographing any other couple in your home ever, so why not making it uniquely yours by documenting your relationship where you spend the most time together!




What do you enjoy doing together? 

Do you enjoy board games? Bring your favorite game that you frequently play together to your shoot! Are you big book worms? Bring some books as props, or better yet, let’s go to a bookstore! Do you enjoy cooking meals together? Cook your favorite meal together at home! Do you love grabbing ice cream on date nights? Let’s go to your favorite ice cream parlor and buy some ice cream. Do you play video games together? Let’s highlight your love of video games in your session! Do you enjoy going to a specific bar frequently? Let’s go there and grab a drink! I want your session to feel more like a date than it does getting photographed by me.  





Do you have a furry friend?

 I always encourage inclusion of animals in your shoot. Your dog is an easy way to make your session more personable. What I encourage you to do is to ask a family member or friend to take care of your pup in-between shots so you aren’t too concerned what they’re doing while you’re being photographed. Bring their favorite toy and treats! Do you have a cat that you want included? Then, it looks like we will have to take photos at your home! Have a pet that is a bit more obscure than the typical cat and dog? That’s fine too! 



Be yourself! Be shameless!

 This is ESSENTIAL! I know it can be tough to be photographed by someone. I have photographed hundreds of couples and each one has a different level of comfort when it comes to being photographed. So you are not alone in this! Just remember, I want to photograph the both of you exactly how you are.  I want you to dress in something comfortable and in your style. I do not want you to change yourself in any capacity because “you’re getting photos taken”. These photos need to be completely and utterly you. Still a little freaked out about it? I always tell each couple when we meet that it’s going to be weird at first, and then they’ll get the hang of it soon after. I have yet  to photograph a couple that I would deem “awkward”. And you have no idea how many couples claim that they are. All you need to know is this, be yourself and do not be afraid to be completely vulnerable in front of me. Another additional tip: If you need a drink to calm the nerves, do it! Especially if we are photographing at a bar, I insist on it. I plan on going more into detail about this in my engagement guide. 




I can’t stress enough that you do not HAVE to do something super creative.

If it stresses you out less to do something simple, then let’s do that! I have a list of places that I can send to you that you can choose from! I want this to be a wonderful experience for you and your spouse but I don’t want to put any restrictions on my couples for what they want to do for their session! Have another idea that I haven’t mentioned? Please let me know. The odds of me being up for it, is extremely high!