Nestled in the heart of Kansas City, Nelson Atkins Museum provided the enchanting backdrop for an unforgettable summer wedding.

As the photographer, I had the honor of capturing the unique wedding day of Meg and Zach, a couple whose love story unfolded amidst the museum’s timeless architecture and the vibrant hues of pink, orange, and red florals. These two are some of the most hilarious, genuine, fun-filled people I have ever met. It was an absolute joy to photograph their day.

Here are some details I loved-

-The entire floral, design team for their wedding! The COLORS. Check out their vendors below.

-Not only did Meg have a cathedral-length wedding veil, she also carried a “Bride” fan that perfectly encapsulated her. This charming accessory not only added a touch of playfulness but also served as a stylish way to beat the summer heat.

-I also loved how Meg included her Nigerian Heritage. Meg, joined by her sisters and mother, applied their family’s perfume from Nigeria. This small yet significant gesture symbolized unity, heritage, and the profound connection between generations. They also incorporated a Nigerian blessing before they ate and a conga line while Nigerian music played to get the party started.

-This was my very first opportunity to photograph INSIDE the Nelson Atkins Museum. Something I will forever cherish. It was so much fun to gain access to the inside of this beautiful building where I have photographed the outside so often.

-But let’s not forget how beautiful the sunset can be at the Nelson. I cannot get over these pictures.

-The dance floor came alive with energy as Meg and Zach, along with their guests, danced the night away. I also saw on instagram later that Meg decided to belt out Sugar, We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy to close the night. decided

Throughout the day, Meg and Zach’s authentic joy was evident to all. Their carefree laughter and playful interactions illuminated every moment. I had a hard time keeping my camera straight becuase I was laughing so hard!

Check out the BEST team below!


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