Sarah and Jack wanted warm, authentic, and classy photos for their Hotel Kansas City wedding

Hotel Kansas City’s Tudor Ballroom is a top wedding venue. It offers a stunning setting that fits any couple’s vision. Sarah and Jack wanted warm, authentic, and classy photos for their Hotel Kansas City wedding. They adored Hotel Kansas City’s modern but vintage vibe and sought a photographer who could capture their romance in an energetic way. I was honored to be chosen to document their beautiful day as their Kansas City wedding photographer.

Sarah and Jack met in California in 2019 on Halloween but moved to Kansas City shortly after Sarah landed a job at the Jewish Community Relations Bureau, a nonprofit combating antisemitism. Their wedding was a traditional Jewish celebration, complete with a chuppah, a ketubah signing, and the breaking of the glass after they were pronounced husband and wife, providing beautifulJewish wedding inspiration.

Check out the amazing vendors below that made their day come to life!

Coordination: Fiore Events

Photography: Kelsey Diane Photography

Videography: That Other Creative Co

Ceremony Music: Carray Music

Reception music: Elite Sounds

Floral: Good Earth Floral

Hair & Makeup: Posh KC

Dress: True Society

Suit: The Black Tux

Cake: McLain’s

Rentals: Supply Events & Levity

Photobooth: kcphotoboothco

Catering & Venue: Hotel Kansas City

Hotel Kansas City’s Tudor Ballroom checks all the boxes for a perfect wedding venue. Here’s why:

  • Gorgeous Getting Ready Spaces: The hotel offers beautiful and spacious rooms for the bridal party to get ready. These spaces provide excellent lighting and elegant backgrounds, perfect for capturing those intimate pre-ceremony moments.
  • A Beautiful Aesthetic Outside: The outdoor areas of the hotel are just as stunning as the interior. With picturesque spots for photos, couples can have all their wedding pictures taken in one location, from romantic garden shots to grand entrance photos.
  • Delicious Food: Hotel Kansas City offers a wide range of catering options that are sure to impress guests. The menu includes a variety of dishes that can be customized to fit any taste, ensuring that the food is both delicious and memorable.
  • Vintage, Classy Photo Spots: The Tudor Ballroom and the rest of the hotel boast a variety of vintage and classy photo spots, perfect for capturing stunning images of your Tudor Ballroom wedding. I think these wedding photos speak for themselves. There are just SO many options to utilize.
  • Versatile Venue Options: The hotel offers multiple spots for different aspects of the wedding, accommodating a wide range of guest lists. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large celebration, the Tudor Ballroom and other event spaces can adapt to your needs.
bride and groom posing at the historic staircase in Hotel Kansas City

Sarah and Jack’s wedding was filled with meaningful traditions and personal touches that made their day special.

  • Every detail was carefully constructed: Sarah and Jack were all about the small details. They had a particular vision and they utilized all their vendors perfectly and intentionally to bring their vision to life. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to document ALL of these gorgeous details.
  • Honoring Their Jewish Heritage: Before the ceremony, Sarah and Jack signed the ketubah, a traditional Jewish marriage contract, in an intimate gathering. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, this moment was both emotional and profound. The ketubah signing was a beautiful way to honor their heritage and commitment to each other, setting the tone for the rest of the day.
  • Choreographed First Dance: Sarah and Jack wowed their guests with a beautifully choreographed first dance. It was a joyful and energetic performance that perfectly showcased their personalities and love for each other. The smiles on their faces and the applause from their guests made it a highlight of the evening.
Bride and groom under a chuppah for their Jewish Wedding in the Tudor Ballroom in Hotel Kansas City
Bride and Groom performing their first dance in the Tudor Ballroom in Hotel Kansas City

Hotel Kansas City’s Tudor Ballroom offers everything needed for a perfect wedding.

From gorgeous getting ready spaces and stunning outdoor aesthetics to delicious food and vintage, classy photo spots, it’s a versatile venue that can adapt to any size of guest list.

Sarah and Jack’s wedding at the Tudor Ballroom was a beautiful celebration of love and tradition. From the intimate ketubah signing surrounded by family and friends to their energetic choreographed first dance, every moment was filled with joy and emotion. It was an honor to capture their special day and to be a part of their journey.

If you’re planning a wedding at Hotel Kansas City, I would love to help you capture the real, joyful moments that make your day unique. Contact me to learn more about my photography services and how we can work together to create lasting memories of your Hotel Kansas City wedding in the Tudor Ballroom.